4 Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Stress is a common topic that arises when we’re talking with women about their health concerns. Here are 4 simple ways to reduce your stress!




  1. Me gustan los consejos.
    Habría que disminuir el ruido de fondo del video, ya que el ruido ambiental es otro de los causantes del estrés

  2. You don't have to view stress relief as another complicated thing to worry about. In fact, it feels great! Here Marina shares 4 simple stress reducers. Watch now:

  3. If you put the website in yellow next time it will be easier to read

  4. this was part of the "women's health network" entitled "your belly fat, forgetfulness, fatigue…" it is a very lovely site with valid information. but how has this helped her belly fat????

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