Beating/Getting Rid Of Pigmentation During Pregnancy | Skincare | Skinfiniti With Dr.Jaishree Sharad

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“What is pigmentation? What are the causes of pigmentation? What are the side effects of pigmentation? How to get rid of Pigmentation? What are skin rashes?




  1. I'm not pregnant but still i have melasma's on my face on nose, upper lips, cheeks. these r from my teenage , with time they r increasing. I don't drink at all…infect, i'm vegetarian but still i'm suffering from this problem. i don't know how to reduce them. now, i'm 25 n don't taking any kind of contraceptive pills. …plz, suggest me a solution. I have tried every kind of natural remedy. ….plz! help.

  2. I already have a patches on neck so how can I get rid of dark patches on neck plz ans

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