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Apart from all the product application it is important to manage your diet according to your skin type. Watch dr. Jaishree tell you what you should eat if you have …




  1. Hi Jaishree!
    All your videos are very useful and of great help, thank you for sharing your valuable tips.
    I have oily skin so I watched this video, as said in the video that we should avoid dairy products including milk. So my concern is that if I don't drink milk then from which product will I get calcium? I am 24 now and I regularly intake 1 glass of milk in the morning, I can avoid rest of the dairy products but not milk as I need to keep my bones stronger.
    So I want to know whether intake of milk will create problems for my oily skin and bring out the pimples?

    Thanks &Regards,

  2. hello mam,
    my sugar intake is very very low as drink back coffee ans green tea often without sugar, no dairy products even no milk intake.. butttt still have oily skin…!! and day by day akin becoming porous

  3. hi me soheli.i have oily skin and pimple too please suggest me my skin type moistriser sunscreme night creme &vict c securme please……

  4. mam can u tell me the best moisturizer for oily skin .

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