eMatrix and acne-Patient Makeover Pt. 1

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Steve explains his troubles with acne scarring. eMatrix to the rescue! Stay-tuned for part 2 when we reveal Steve’s new skin!




  1. dear drAvaMD ,i av a serious problem ,i have been suffering from ingrown hairs around my bikini section and armpit region,my hairs grows short n strong,i av been suffering from this symptoms for the past 7 years  and am 17 now…..i shave or use shaving cream the problem still persist and my skin is so sensitive,i dont feel safe wearing sleeveless because i feel ashamed.
        please tell me what product i can use to eliminate the scars and what method i should use for shaving…..i can send you a video of my bikini area for you,to examine me and understand my point…..please doctor help me out ,just like you did for MANDY…..THANK YOU SO MUCH,I will b expecting your reply soonest

  2. hi Dr. Ava please help I had ance since middle school

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