EXCLUSIVE: Oprah Winfrey Advises Everyone to ‘Take a Deep Breath’ After Election Keep ‘Hope’ Alive

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More from Entertainment Tonight: http://bit.ly/1xTQtvw ET caught up with the star on set of her OWN series, ‘Greenleaf.’




  1. America's 'First Negro Lady' deserves to be watched. Haven't paid any attention to her during the election cycle so far – could be interesting. This clip died early due to the excessive negro pandering exhibited by the white female reporter.

  2. Wouldnt it have been better if people stopped listening to media propaganda and perhaps realize that maybe America need a fresh new eyes and administration that is Trump? On another note wasnt it Oprah tjat said she would flee to Canada 🙂 if Trump got elected? Maybe they wouldnt let her in? Well those this mean she saying she get hopes mean she is now a rascist like all the other trump voters????? Wow im amazed. Personally i tell you this. The world need Trump. And hopefully he will give my primeminister in Sweden a good kick inte ass for being a retard with his own people.

  3. My god that presenter is properly in love with Oprah.

  4. well opra is one that I will listen to in the future. one.

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