EXCLUSIVE: Oprah Winfrey Advises Everyone to ‘Take a Deep Breath’ After Election Keep ‘Hope’ Alive

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More from Entertainment Tonight: http://bit.ly/1xTQtvw ET caught up with the star on set of her OWN series, ‘Greenleaf.’




  1. Thank you Oprah for those words of confidence. I reluctantly voted for Trump but I saw the same thing you did. He really does look like a more humble person now that he has been elected for this most trying office. In the end I think everyone is taking the idea of him being president way to far off the map with all their crying and racially motivated hate marches. We have lived through some really shitty presidents (Obama being by far the worst) and lived to see the sun rise the next day. This presidency will be no different. I wish people would wise up that even though Trump now holds the highest office in the land, he is still restricted by the other two chambers. Why are people so ignorant to that fact? I just dont get it???

  2. Good answer! She realised that Hillary is a fucking crook. So basically let's give Trump a chance to leave his mark.

  3. Oprah not crying no tears over crooked Hillary. Ah ah ah.

  4. Hopefully people will come to that conclusion on their own.

  5. Yeh for you Oprah ,at least a few see the importance of democracy and due process! We need to except that and not go about spewing venom to inflame anger and demonstrations such as what Whoopi is doing!! She is one hostile and angry woman ! Wonder what she would be like in a venue where educated well informed black people like yourself Oprah in a debate ?

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