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In this week’s What The Heck Are You Eating, created and hosted by Joy Bauer, we investigate your favorite microwave snack: popcorn. Popcorn can be a …




  1. How am I so sure that when she put the popcorn kernels in the paper bag and put it in the microwave that it actually popped and at the edited cut off part they just didnt put already popped popcorn in the paperbag looking like it did pop. That could have easily been fake.

  2. i bet she was fine 10 years before this video

  3. Chemistry should become mandatory, for one. This video is a perfect example of how backwards people are when it comes to their health paranoia. While people are getting worried about the "chemicals" in their popcorn, they fail to look at the rest of the picture.  You can find all the alternative ways to pop that popcorn in the microwave, but you are still using a microwave.  A MICROWAVE.  The chances that that popcorn will affect your health are so damn low compared to the effects of using a damned microwave and yet you worry about some chemicals without even knowing how chemistry works, while continuing to use A FRICKEN MICROWAVE!?!? Does no one see the problem with this mindset? Look at the numbers of how much micowave popcorn is being bought by US consumers.  Consider just how often microwaves are used to pop that popcorn.  How many microwaves.  That is a lot of fricken radiation going on while people are worried about what is in their popcorn.  It is unbelievable.     

  4. I've been using a popcorn air popper for years. Once popped spay some buttered flavored oil (no calories or fat) or sprinkle on Butter Buds.  Shake up the popcorn and then add your favorite spices or sprinkle on some grated parmesan cheese (from a container).  Yes, even the parmesan cheese has some fat and calories but you can monitor it.  Air popped popcorn takes getting used to but I haven’t had micro waved popcorn for many years now.   

  5. thkn1

    What is the fish ingredient in it?

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