MY SHOWER ROUTINE! (Natural Haircare & Skincare)

Hair Nov 25, 2016 50 Comments

Hey guys!! Here is my shower routine 🙂 I really hope you enjoy it! I’m sorry the lighting isn’t the best in the video, my bathroom is very small and dark with no …




  1. u do too much care of ur self i cant even apply mostrisure while going to bed on my dry face hats_off to u darling
    ur hair omg may God blesd…
    its pretty amzng dear love u

  2. You have the thickest hair I have ever seen!! Soo cool

  3. is ypur hair natrualy that color?????

  4. Hi! Do you have any other sulfate free natural shampoo and conditioners to recommend? The shipping from Calia to where I live is so expensive:(

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