Nutrition and Women’s Health: Making Sense of New Guidelines and the Cacophony of Expert Advice

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Visit: A third of premature deaths in the US are attributable to poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Only 10% of Americans eat a healthy diet …




  1. Fat = full! There are NO essential parts for grains. I fast forwarded to the part with the plate and saw the next study with the control groups. Surprise surprise eating low fat had the highest mortality between the three groups.

  2. Great lecture and nice way to talk "a little bit about everything". I am still shocked of how people will loose their time having pills to be more healthy instead of f eating an apple. Always the easy way, not real effort on taking care of yourself. For what I see at the hospital, patients have zero idea of how badly their daily eating is.

  3. Sugar and flour. It's what we've always known and always have ignored. Will this time be different?

  4. Yeah, this is silly shit still. "Calories trump anything else." Yeah, what about intermittent fasting? Let's see someone talk calories then. This calorie discussion leads right back to the energy balance model. The energy balance model does not work in a biological system because of metabolism.

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