Samsung Gear S2 – Is it a fitness tracker too?

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The Samsung Gear S2 is a really cool smartwatch. But is it a good fitness tracker too? In this video, I put the tracker to the test, using S-Health. I’ve worn this …




  1. Thank you for your feedback about all smartwatch in fitness tracker features. At the moment what is the best smartwatch with fitness tracker feature for you??? Apple watch excluded. Thank you

  2. Hi Eric, finally the s2 as fitness tracker review is here. Congrats buddy. Did you have a chance to compare the HR reading of the s2 with the chest trap? Is the s2 accurate? Cheers and keep the great working.

  3. Are the steps accurate? and does it have a sleep monitoring?

  4. It's shame the watch fails so badly on fitness tracking.  I really like the smartwatch functionality and UI.  Do you think it is a matter of just waiting on updates and new apps or do you think it is better to give up an look for something else?

  5. Eric, thanks for all your reviews and feedback. So, if you would recommend one smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrid to purchase now, which would it be? The 3 priorities are that it has to be able to allow responses to Google Hangouts, All day and night calories burned tracker, and track calories burned during CrossFit metcons. Nice to haves are on board music, heart rate monitor, GPS and sleep tracking. Thanks again for your help!

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