Signs and Symptoms of Melanoma and Skin Cancer

Skin Nov 28, 2016 9 Comments

Each year, more than two million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer, 9000 them with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Surgical …




  1. Dang it!! I have red hair :(

  2. I'm Mixed race, what does it mean when one spot on your body is whitish in the Winter and then the other spot turns dark-brown in the Summer? Last Summer, I was burned on the top of my four head and my arm. But ppl say Browner people don't get skin cancer…. 

  3. I been using sun beds only a few times I have a mole that's new I feel weak and bad pains allover and in my head I'm pale and blonde I'm scared to go to the hospital incase I have it

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