The Doctors: This Girl Didn’t Wash Her Hair For 5 Years!

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This girl didn’t was her hair for 5 years. Healthy or harmful? Dr. Shamban breaks it down and gives advice on this new trend.




  1. We survived thousands of year without shampoo and people nowadays talking crap about shampoo and soap like it's a requirements to survive.

  2. i havent washed my hair in two years. and i only wash it with warm water and a thight comb. to get Out dirt en Stuff like that

  3. Theirs vegan organic shampoo and conditioner. So no excuses. Her hair does look a bit oily from the screen also the girl said she did smell like it has not been washed.

  4. too much bla bla. just use shampoo and was your fuckin hair.

  5. lll

    bc all beings are born to this earth with a bottle of chemicals in their paws

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