The Korean Skin Care Trends You Need to Know About

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It’s easy to look at Korean skin care and just think; this is so cute! The fruit! The animals! But the truth is we have a lot to learn from Korean beauty. In south Korea …




  1. Koreans are extremely obsessed, scary

  2. Suzy

    Any stores in Florida?

  3. I had been following an american type of skincare routine for almost 6 years and then a year ago decided to switch to a full blown Korean Skincare routine. It took a lot of research, time and money, but it was SO WORTH it. I have been struggling with acne ever sense puberty and have always HATED my skin for the longest time, but ever sense I started to switch up my routine my skin has been clearer then it has ever been. To me, having clear beautiful skin is worth the steep price tag.

  4. Why do I get a feeling that korean skincare is a little hyped up at times? Because in my personal opinion and experience, japanese skincare is much better quality and having amazing benefits that many people didn't know, some korean celebrities use other asian brands skincare for their personal use. I get it, the k-pop trend is so huge now so it is logical that people will get interested in their culture, and everything they're trending over there. Am I the only one, or perhaps the rare minority people that is Asian but do not use korean skincare and beauty products? I used some korean brands before, but I am not a person who likes to have strong artificial fragrance so I stopped using them. I am not hating Korean beauty products, but I just feel that, people overlook a lot of other great products sometimes.

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