The Perfect Bangs For Your Face Shape

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  1. Someone needs to go back to kindergarten and learn shapes. Your round face was actually oval, your oval face was oval-long, your heart shaped face was nowhere near heart-shaped, it was round-squarish and your square shaped face was indeed square. Oval face is very versatile indeed, depends on the look you want to achieve, if you want a classy, sexy look you can make a side-swept bangs and if you want a young, girly look you can go for a blunt-cut straight fringe. For the long face you don't make a side-swept fringe! Because that one elongates the face even more, unless you want to look like a horse… The straight cut bangs, cover a big part of the face, making it look shorter and rounder, it's the best option for a long face. The heart shaped looks nice with a side-swept or a peek-a-boo bangs. And for the square face, a soft side-swept with longer strands that cover the jawline, making the face look more oval shaped. It's similar for the round face, DON'T CUT a straight bangs because it will make the face look shorter and rounder, is the worst option! Choose a bangs that elongates the face, like a side-swept bangs.

  2. I have an incredibly round face but have a blunt fringe, is that okay?

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