The Ultimate Back Workout

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Fight back-related injury with the duraDiscTM workout.

The duraDisc™ exercises
focus on developing the muscles that promote spinal stability – a key component of spinal health – and focus on the muscles that keep the spine stable. Recent scientific research from Queensland University in Australia has identified spinal stability in the prevention and recovery of back-related pain and injury. Available from AOK Health 1300 655 575 or


Standing base exercise position

Purpose of exercise: To develop postural awareness and strength in a standing position.
Instruction: Stand in centre of disc. Gently distribute weight between legs, first bending the left knee slightly (weight on straight right leg) and then move back to centre position and swap legs. Always stand tall.

Hip Extension—single leg

Purpose of exercise: To strengthen back of thigh (hamstring) and gluteal muscles. Activate muscles that control lower spine and pelvis.
Instructions: From Supine Feet on duraDiscâ„¢ position, raise one foot off disc. Return to base position and repeat alternating legs. Keep your abdomen pulled in.

Single leg lift

Purpose of exercise: To improve balance and strengthen the legs and also to activate muscles and improve stabilisation of the spine.
Instruction: Stand in middle of disc, flex one knee, while maintaining balance with other foot.
• For more variety, try adding a balance plate to your routine.

Lunge & squat

Purpose of exercise: To develop lunge technique while increasing lumbo-pelvic stabilisation.
1) Position first foot in centre of duraDiscâ„¢ and place other foot about 1 metre back.
2) Slowly move your back knee down towards the ground (make sure your front knee stays over your front foot.
3) Rise up and repeat.
• For more variety try using a balance plate with your duraDisc™.

Supine sit up

Purpose of exercise: To strengthen abdominal muscles, hip extensors and coordinate spinal stabilisers.
Instruction: From Supine Feet on disc position, lower hips to floor and return to base position. Keep pressure on your feet.

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