Top 15 GREATEST American Idol Performances

Amazing! Jan 07, 2017 40 Comments

A compilation of the 15 greatest American Idol performances! Share the love! Like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! Subscribe here …




  1. Top 15 american idol winners ,not so bad their greate

  2. Have you heard a weird voice when candice glover was singing the part with you after the judges were shown? Or is it just me?

  3. Can't believe Jena's can't help falling in love isn't on here … but that Jessica Sanchez Candice Glover and Joshua Ledet performances gave me all type of goosebumps…

  4. Just watched Jessica and Haley's parts and skipped the others. I wonder why Jessica's And I am Telling You was not included? It's way better than most of the entries here imho.

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