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My Natural Skin/Body Care Routine and Products

My Raw Recipe Books/eBooks – Facebook – Instagram … source

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Bridal Skincare Routine | Expert Tips For The Bride To Be

Our Skincare Expert, Dr. Rashmi Shetty chats with Devika, a Bride-To-Be, and gives her some amazing skincare advice for brides. She advises Devika on her... read more

PAMPER ROUTINE | Spa Night at Home

Because sometimes you need the spa to be at home – Here is my Pamper Routine! I try to do this at least every couple... read more

My Bodycare and Hygiene Routine | AD

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Skin care tips in hindi for glowing skin home tips for fairness beauty tips for men and women

Skin care tips in hindi for glowing skin home tips for fairness beauty tips for men and women :- Now a days all boys, girls,... read more

Full Body Workout Routine for Superior Results! (Gain Mass & Strength) 2016

Home Calisthenics Full Body Routine for all fitness levels. Complete Full Body Workout Routine Exercises for all muscle groups. Beginner level of Calisthenics … source

Total-Body Summer Toned! Your Summer Sizzle Routine from Tone It Up

Download your printable version here ~ Follow along with Karena as she takes … source


So Guys, I thought it would be nice to share with you my Smooth skin and pamper routine. I’ve often talked about having ‘Chicken Skin’... read more

Quick And Easy Skin Care Routine For Naturally Glowing Clear Skin | Bridal Skin Care Checklist

Every bride wants to have radiant glowing skin on her big day , but preparing for the big day does involve a lot of hectic... read more

MY AT-HOME PAMPER ROUTINE | ad | Samantha Maria

My at-home pamper routine – What I do to wind down and to take care of my skin & relax 🙂 My Clothing line –... read more